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Title:Personal Health Assistant

Displayed Name:Boschlers

Personal Health Assistant

Concept / Overview
In present scenario the available health checkup and measurement solutions are not reachable to rural area and also costlier for common people so in order to reduce diseases or early detection and making people more conscious on health we need a cost effective and portable health checkup solution.


In order to bridge the gap between people and their health we came up with an idea of having a personal health assistant which can be able to perform following things -
Early detection of disease
Regular body checkups (for a person or Family member on demand basis)
Health Monitoring (For old people continues health monitoring)
Body part Diagnosis (Heart beat, ECG,BP etc.)
It uses GR-Lychee board along with body data measurement sensors powered with portable battery.

How it will work :
Person will wear the device either on hand or on chest depends on the need.
Device is capable of measuring body parameters continuously or on demand basis.
It sends data to the IOT cloud server where it will be analyzed and if needed can be informed to person or respective doctor directly with proper reports. 
Person can see any this live health status in Mobile App, and can also trigger test from the app.

Solution: A wearable and cost effective mini equipment which serves the purpose of providing health assistant at any time.








GR LYCHEE Design Contest 2018 in India, Finalist