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Title:Color Ring

Displayed Name:team M&A

Color Ring

Concept / Overview
Color Ring is a bell that makes a tone from the color of objects around you.

- Concept -
(1) When you touch colored objects around you with the bell, the bell generates a tone fitting each color.

(2) With Color Ring, you can play an original melody based on things that are not musical instruments.

(3) Color Ring develops's a bell that makes you aware of the various colors and sounds around you.

Idea behind the work

When you touch objects of various colors, such as fruits and vegetables, curtains, and clothes, with the bell, the bell generates tones corresponding to those colors.

By prepareing a lot of bells that have touched different colors, you and your friends can play music together. It can be used as an educational toy that allows children to notice the difference in colors around them or to notice the difference in tones. In addition, it might be fun to use it as a call bell in a restaurant - a different melody for each table!


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team M&A

GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist