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Title:Swatch Bharath bot for clean india

Displayed Name:Suji deva

Swatch Bharath bot for clean india

Concept / Overview
India stands 28th position in MSW generation per capita in South Asia. Waste is generated in all sorts of ways and its composition and volume largely depend on consumption patterns and on industrial and economic structures. Globally, it appears that household waste is the main component of MSW, even though it may contain some amount of hazardous materials. Other than household waste, each municipality determines the sources and types of waste to be covered by MSW management depending on political, social, and economic factors.
According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the average Indian generates about 490 grams of waste per day. The generation of solid waste in Indian cities has been estimated to grow with 1.3% annualy.The expected generation of waste in 2025 will therefore be around 700 grams per capita per day. Considering that the urban population of India is expected to grow to 45% from the prevailing 28%, the magnitude of the problem is likely to grow even larger unless immediate steps are taken.



The collection of municipal solid waste is a public service that has important impacts on public health and the appearance of towns and cities. Unfortunately many urban administrations seem to be losing the battle of coping with the ever-increasing quantities of waste. The disposal of waste in major cities has become critical. It is a difficult task for those people to travel few distance to empty their bins. Life has become much easier. We move humans towards smart solution. One such solution is to collect the garbage’s from the households by means of a robot instead of a giant vehicle or man used trolley. We dream for a clean India but initially we do not take the responsibility to clean our surroundings. A poor illiterate man usually collects our household waste from each house or a trash vehicle collects the garbage once in 2-3 days. Sometimes they fail to collect the garbage from particular area. This cause the mosquito’s to breed in those areas which are uncleansed and spread diseases to the people living nearby. These things makes the area clustered and spreading of bad odours.The trash vehicles are suitable only for the disposal of huge quantity of waste and it sometimes spills the waste in the roads which again makes people so embarrassed. They intent to dispose the household waste but in an effective manner. So a robot acts in an efficient way to fulfill their desired things. This bot informs its arrival and waits for a period of time. It then collects the garbage in a house and moves on to another house with a greeting note. Digital India emphasis making government service available in a better manner for citizens. The project will provide smarter way to collect the waste keeping the environment clean, the efforts of the government towards clean India can be achieved better through the proposed robot interfaced with GR-PEACH BOARD.




The collection of municipal solid waste is a public service that has important impacts on public health and the appearance of towns and cities. Unfortunately many urban administrations seem to be losing the battle of coping with the ever-increasing quantities of waste. The challenge is made greater by the diversity of materials in the waste, which is no longer mainly food waste and ash, but includes more and more plastic packaging, paper and discarded electronic equipment. In many cases, collection vehicles and containers have been purchased in large numbers but they have not been effective and have been operational for only short periods that are much less than their expected design lives. In some cases unsuitable equipment has been purchased because of corruption, but in many cases the fault lies with the assumption that the same type of waste collection equipment will work effectively in any situation. It is not difficult to understand how such mistakes are made. Sometimes decision-makers visit cities in industrialized countries that use sophisticated compaction vehicles, and often these cities are very clean. The visitor assumes that the cleanliness is the result of using complex vehicles and so he or she determines to purchase similar vehicles in the expectation that the same results will be achieved. Unfortunately the assumption is wrong, the vehicles are unable to provide the necessary service and the condition of the city deteriorates. In other cases the vehicles may be selected on the basis of advertising or following the visit of a persuasive salesman.Inefficient management and disposal of municipal solid waste is an obvious cause for degradation of environment in the developing countries. Ecological impacts such as land degradation, water and air pollution are related with improper management of municipal solid waste.

In some cities the residents expect that their waste will be collected from each house every day. Different requirements need different systems. Large compactor trucks are suitable only if relatively large volumes of waste are picked up at each stop. In some countries street containers are very unsuitable because waste is scattered around them, and residents will not accept to have a street bin located in front of their house. The distance that residents are prepared to carry their wastes is affected by cultural factors; in some cases residents find it unacceptable to be seen carrying their wastes in the street any distance at all. If children are sent to carry waste to a street container, the container must be of a size and type that allows children to use it.
The balance between the cost of operating vehicles and the wages paid to waste collectors is an important factor to consider when deciding on the type of vehicle to use. Compactor trucks with small crews are used when wage costs are high compared to vehicle costs, but in low- and middle income countries it is more economical to use larger crews and smaller, simpler vehicles. Solid waste management has often been used as an opportunity for generating employment in low-income countries, and in many cases this has resulted in excessive numbers of workers and low productivity.
The bot which we have developed overcomes all these issues. This bot collects all the household wastes that are generated in a particular colony. It starts from a particular place, collects all the wastes and reaches the desired destination. Solid waste collection is a service that requires the co-operation and participation of a large proportion of the citizens. The bot ignores the fuel consumption, wastage of time and money.



The project aims at collection of waste in an efficient manner. This proposed project works on the basis of GR-PEACH BOARD. The module consists of IR SENSOR (4), DC MOTOR (2), GSM, LCD DISPLAY, BUZZER, LINE FOLLOWER ROBOT and GR-PEACH BOARD. Initially the bot starts from a source point and moves to an allocated area for the garbage collection. Let us consider a colony, a bot has been sent into a colony. The IR SENSOR senses for an obstrucle, if it detects an object it stops in a particular house and buzz out a sound through a buzzer and waits in front of the house for 5 minutes, if a person disposes his household waste in the bot, the bot displays a greeting like THANK YOU in the lcd display and leaves after 1 minute. The process continues till it detects the next house. If nobody arrives from a particular house it moves on without displaying anything. The DC motor drives the chaser of the bot which makes the bot to move from one place to another. Likewise it collects all the garbage from each house till the bot is full. Once if the bot is full it reaches to the desired destination point to dispose the scrap and waste material for further process of disposals .If there is any problem while tracking the route, the message will be sent to the authority by the bot.










Nowadays, all developing and developed countries looking for digitalized one. Another innovative idea of waste collection will emphasize a country to digital one. Such an idea of innovation is our project SWACHH BHARATH BOT FOR CLEAN INDIA. If this idea is implemented in future this will give the new way of waste collection methods. This will definitely, reduces the man power, if so it is implemented a real time robot trolley will be used to dispose the waste.

Suji deva

Finalist on GR-PEACH design contest in India 2016