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Title:Smart Band

Displayed Name:Balasubramaniam Baskaran

Smart Band

Concept / Overview
The MYO band sense various muscle action in the hand. the use can conveniently customize his/her own actions based their usage when the programmed muscles actions is made the GSM will make a alert message or call to the registered mobile number this can be also used other safety device during other harassment situation.

Project Introduction/Problem Statement

Technology has changed the life of every human being in the world. But some activities remain unchanged from past to present, which is harassment, particularly to women’s in this modern world. Earlier, women working in homes have been targets of sexual abuse for a longer time. Since industrialization, women working in factories and offices have had to endure sexual comments and demands by bosses and co-workers as the price for economic survival. Women intimidation and Kidnapping are emerging as a greater threat in our modern society. Our prototype can provide solution to prevent woman from this situations.



Project Abstract Details

Our project aims to create a wearable device that converts the feelings expressed by the victim into a tool that saves their life. Major response from body includes increase of heart beat, sweating, muscle contractions and adrenaline secretion. Limited with technologies that determine only the external responses, we design a system that measures muscle contraction, pulse rate and brain waves.
During various activities our Brain will generate different waves at various situations like Sleeping, day dreaming, Meditation, in Active conversation and during Hypertension. In these situations brainwaves like Delta, Theta, Alpha, Low and High Beta waves are generated.
Electroencephalography records the electrical activity along the scalp. EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain. 
Electromyography is a used for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. The rhythm of heartbeat obtained due to artery dilation. 
Pulse sensor can be used to determine the blood pressure and measured by feeling the arteries of the wrist or neck.
Our wearable device which measures pulses and facilitating technologies that takes different muscular activities as their input. Our system comprises use of all three systems through use of biomedical techniques such as electromyography, electroencephalography and pulse sensors. Person has to wear these instruments in an unnoticeable way through which they can be monitored. For example brain wave sensors can be introduced in hair bands and pulse sensors and muscular activity sensor are made as wearable band that makes them feel comfortable to use. Brain waves are considered as a secondary factor to ensure whether the person is in danger or not. If it reaches a saturation limit measurement values will be identified by our GR-PEACH, under such situation current location will be tracked by GSM/GPS device connected with our GR-PEACH will transmit the panic situation information to our cloud and to their concerned persons (relatives or police station). The updated data in cloud will be passed as push notification to our mobile application users in an one kilometer radius to our victim. This helps in increasing women’s safety than conventional meathods. Apart from women this system can be used for general security so as to stop kidnapping and suicidal attempts. 


Project Conclusion and Photos

This project has a major impact on security for womens during harassment situation. This will be best solution for conventional methods.

This project can make an impact in analyzing the brain activity of mentally ill persons.
This project also acts as monitoring devices for young childrens and old aged peoples when they left alone in houses.
It will also be a tool to analyze the thinking of depressed person, to protect them from being involved in suicidal activities. 


Balasubramaniam Baskaran

Finalist on GR-PEACH design contest in India 2016