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Title:Smart Bizz

Displayed Name:Amol Lahuraj Disale

Smart Bizz

Concept / Overview
Inventory is a batch of physical goods in large quantities which are stored by local stores for efficient supply of goods to end users.
The Indian kirana store is here to stay. It has always been the single largest contributor to the retail pie and this doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon. Everything around has changed in the last two decades, including the technology and customers, but the retailer has remained the same. So our aim is to create a device that is not so expensive as well as can even be used by an illiterate person.
Generally local stores in India use manual human intervention for inventory management which is time consuming as well as costly.
Managing inventory is a challenge. Poor inventory management: No business likes to admit it, and certainly local retail stores don’t want to feel the negative impact of it. Particularly if it means the loss of customers and revenue.
Due to the lack of retail inventory management, item tracking in addition to cost effectiveness, we are proposing a device to solve these problems.



In this project, we are going to implement a new approach for easier inventory management for local retailer stores (Kirana Stores). The proposed system discusses about retail inventory tracking system for products by using weighing scale and bar code. It allows the user (store owner) to access the inventory details in real time along with essential notifications. The inventory can also be tracked from anywhere via the internet. Also, there has been an emerging demand for quick and easy payment of bills in retail stores. The device finally prints the bill according to the purchase made. The retailer can replenish their inventory by remotely monitoring the data from the device.

Hardware to be used:

  1. GR-PEACH board
  2. Load Cell Weighing Sensor
  3. RTC (Used in built GR-Peach)
  4. Thermal Printer
  5. Power Supply
  6. SD Card  (Work Going on)
  7. LCD Display (Work Going on)


Software to be used:

  1. Cloud Platform
  2. Mobile App


Most of the packaged items in the stores have bar code printed on them while the other items they sell (like food grains, oil, pulses, etc.) don’t have any bar code on them. Thus our device can also use to track the later items using a weighing scale. While the former can be tracked easily using barcode scanner. Using both weighing scale and bar code scanner will help the shopkeepers to track most of the items they sell. Bill is then generated by the device along with the time printed on it (RTC module) using Thermal Printer. The device then requires Internet connection for uploading the data to the cloud. If internet connection is lost the data is then stored in the SD Card till the internet connection is re-establish.

The shopkeepers need to have a reasonably good Internet connection.


Block Diagram



The device will enable merchants to manage their billing, inventory efficiently and also save their time. Replenishing inventory by remotely monitoring the data from the device thus will lead to greater inventory accuracy and better use of the retailer’s working capital.

It is easy to track barcode based items inventory than the non-barcoded ones. But for shopkeepers both are equally important to sustain in the market. Our device helps to track the non-barcoded items (like food grains, pulses, oil, etc.) thus covering almost all the items usually sell by the local stores in India. Also the device functions as a digital scale with value transmitting directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth/Internet.


Components Used

1.GR Peach

2.Thermal Printer



3.Load cell 5kg with HX711 A/D Module



4. Bluetooth HC-05 Module



5. Ethernet Cable




Project (Web compiler)

Amol Lahuraj Disale

Finalist on GR-PEACH design contest in India 2016