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Concept / Overview
A smart home/office/public enterprises/ etc is any person's or any citizen's dream. now a days there are a lot of automation products in our huge market that can facilitate human life more easier, comfortable and luxurious. but still we lack something in some way. one of the most important thing in such scenario is the power management, to manage something first we need to monitor and analyze them accurately. AutoSmart help us to monitor and control our power hungry device individually by a mobile app. control of the electrical appliance can be do in three different way via mobile app. 1. normal turn on-off by button click, 2. setting time 3. based on human presence. all these modes can be choose from mobile app. moreover all the switches and sockets (of electrical appliance) in the building can also be controlled by a differently abled person just by saying the device/appliance name. Speech recognition system identify the word and reply with audio response to confirm what the user really want. user can also control the whole appliance in the building using the TFT touch screen panel. when the user is out side the building still he can do all these things via IoT. finally AutoSmart can also act as a security system, by just sending a message "we are leaving", then security mode will activated and record the videos and stored in memory card when a motion is detected.




Project Abstract Details

AutoSmart consist two section. First section is called GR Server (GRS) and second section is called Smart Switch and Socket (SSS) this can be many as the requirement of building. all SSS are connected to one GRS via point to multipoint RF wireless connectivity.
The GR Peach is the heart of the GRS, which consists of WiFi transceiver to connect with smart phone (when the user is in the building), Speaker with breakout board for audio response, Mic for audio input, TFT LCD Touch Screen Display, Ethernet connectivity to connect with internet (when the user is outside the building) and RF transceiver to connect with SSS (point to multi point). 

Second section is SSS which is based on Renesas RX series microcontroller. it consist of PIR sensor, current sensor, solid state relay and its driver and RF transceiver. here each switch and socket are powered(turn ON-OFF) by the solid state relays controlled by the microcontroller.

Current sensor measures the current flow through each switch and power socket and update the data to the server in a particular interval and then to the user's mobile App. so that user can monitor the power consumption of each device/appliance.
PIR motion sensor detects the human presence and absence. user can change the mode of switches and sockets by clicking the motion control mode in the App. so it will be turn off when the room is deserted. and turn on automatically when anyone enters the room.
User can configure the AutoSmart as a security system, just sending a message "we are leaving", then the PIR sensor will activated, and alert the user and record video when a movement is detected (intruder/burglar).
Timer inbuilt in the microcontroller enables the user to set time to turn on and off the lights and all other home/office appliance from the mobile phone.
Ethernet connectivity serves the user to access the whole features of AutoSmart from anywhere in the world.
Voice recognition and audio response , we can store predetermined voice command in the memory location when we train the system and in recognition mode, return the memory location when the voice matches with the stored commands. thus the microcontroller indentifies the user command then execute the corresponding task and audio message stored will execute correspondingly.




Project Conclusion

We all are busy in our daily life, Power Management is a potential factor in our life.a lot of energies are being wasted due to the lack of comfortable monitoring and control technologies for our appliances/devices. 
AutoSmart serves the user to monitor and control the devices and home appliances from anywhere. motion sensor and video recorder assures the security from intruders/burglars. Touch screen serves as an alternate for phone (monitor and control anything from a single point ). Voice recognition and audio response feature serves the differently abled user. So we strongly believe that the AutoSmart can create a revolution in the home automation market.

sivaprasad sm

Finalist on GR-PEACH design contest in India 2016