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Displayed Name:ResearchKing - Project SeaDrone


Concept / Overview
We created an aquatic drone to take photos automatically on the water. This gadget should please those who want to have fun in the water and yet also have photos of themselves, or those who want to have fun deploying a drone in the ocean to take photos at a GPS-specified location.

The idea behind the gadget & happy users

We gave thought to a drone capable of floating and taking images both above and in the ocean.

Friends and sweethearts wishing to record themselves enjoying the ocean find it troublesome to deal with a smartphone. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a device which could float on its own and automatically photograph its surroundings?


Happy Users:

Those wishing photos to remember fun times spent at the ocean, and those who are love to take selfies.

What a pleasure to take photos of sea creatures along with selfies during hours enjoying the ocean. Many may enjoy a drone with automatic navigational capability which can photograph automatically in a specified location.


Happy Users:

Amateur photographers, oceanographers, and drone enthusiasts.


We came up with a floating drone fulfilling all these conditions.


Sustained floating capability

Propeller-based navigation

Recharging with solar panels

Automatic swimming and shooting functions that detect and photograph people

Position detection via GPS

Iridium satellite communication, notifies server of both position and images

Server notification capability


Results Achieved as of Contest Judging

Considerations prior to the final selection round, achieving a temporary form that can at least float on the ocean:

  • waterproofing to allow sustained floating
  • screw propeller control
  • GPS for position identification
  • Contacting the server using WiFi instead of via satellite communication

Demo Video

ResearchKing - Project SeaDrone