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Title:Guardian Angel Robot

Displayed Name:MAENOH!

Guardian Angel Robot

Concept / Overview
This robot enhances the lifestyle of those living alone, “latch-key” kids, the elderly, and others in similar situations. The device responds to human movement and activates a variety of sensors (such as time monitors), responding with sound and movement (vibrating, tail wagging) designed to soothe the individual. Meanwhile, family members concerned about the individual receive e-mails affirming the person’s safety (with reports on temperature, how often the device was activated, etc.) without intruding on his or her privacy.

The idea behind the gadget & happy users

The idea was to create a robot to watch over those living alone (unmarried individuals, those on remote assignment) and children and the elderly (at home or in the hospital). Cameras, varied sensors, and remote control capability would detect activity and offer sounds, displays, and gestures geared to cheer the individual. The robot would also offer helpful daily advice, such as reminders that it was garbage day, special lesson day, etc. It could repeat information concerning time, reminders to use the restroom, TV remote control instructions, etc. (easing the burden on family members who must constantly repeat responses to those with dementia, for example). In order to make the robot itself a fun item, the design includes means to change facial expressions. Children and the elderly can enjoy using blocks to create facial features.


Results Achieved as of Contest Judging

The robot’s basic features (voice, image processing, motor control) and Web service links are in place.


Demo Video


GR DESIGN CONTEST 2016  Finalist