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Title:Remote hand-holding device: TeToTe

Displayed Name:Sayaka Ogawa

Remote hand-holding device: TeToTe

Concept / Overview
Each of us has experienced separation from those who are most important to us. TeToTe bridges the gap and communicates your feelings with two cats that blink, vibrate, and grow warm, easily adapting themselves to communicate thoughts from one individual to the other. “I’m not with you, but I’m thinking of you.” Communicating that sentiment will bring warmth to your heart.

The idea behind the gadget & happy users

You miss your busy father, your grandmother who lives elsewhere, and your sweetheart who is far away… we have all been separated from loved ones. TeToTe helps bridge the gap between such individuals.

Two paired cats share communication through light, sound, and warmth, reacting when the other’s “master” touches the cat’s paw or is nearby or even speaks to it, reflecting the unconscious presence of the important individual from whom you are separated.

Communicating with your loved one who is doing his or her best although you are apart will surely warm your heart.


Results Achieved as of Contest Judging

The two “cats” are equipped with accelerometers, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, sphygmographs, and  sound sensors which detect when the device is touched or clutched, when a person is nearby, and when a sound is heard.  Once detected, the device sends a message via a small WiFi module (ESP-WROOM-02) to the server, and on to the second device. The LED, sound, a heating element, and vibration motor, and the senses of vision, hearing, and touch all come into play to deliver the message.




Demo Video

Sayaka Ogawa

GR DESIGN CONTEST 2016  Finalist