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Title:Ascence: a fashion item customizing your scent and mood

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Ascence: a fashion item customizing your scent and mood

Concept / Overview
“Ascence” is a device offering you a new way to utilize perfume. Normally, perfumes and scents intrude into events and places where they are not wanted, such as mealtimes. With Ascence, you can turn your favorite scent on and off, enjoying it to the fullest. You can also easily switch scents, matching it to your mood.

The Idea Behind the Gadget & Happy Users!

This tiny aroma diffuser clips to your shoulder bag or breast pocket.  Both the diffusion module and cotton soaked with a scent are built into the device, allowing free control over when to enjoy the scent with a simple on/off switch. The gadget was created along dual concepts, each reflecting varying conditions and differing aromas.


Concept 1:  To enjoy a completely new scent with greater freedom


- people who wish to enjoy scents where they want and how they want

- people who wish to alter their scent to fit their mood in everyday scenarios


Happy users:

  • those who are interested in fashion and in differing ways of expressing themselves
  • men who ceased wearing scents as they disliked being unable to control their usage



Concept 2: A new portable aroma diffuser which can change your mood

Conditions for use:

  • when the user loses concentration during work
  • people who need a soothing moment, such as just before giving an oral presentation
  • when the user wishes a heightened sense of relaxation


Happy users:

  • those losing concentration during long hours of deskwork, pre-exam students needing motivation, and engineers
  • salesmen suffering a fit of anxiety just as they are about to face a moment of truth at work, such as making a key presentation (can use this to relax)
  • women wishing a heightened sense of relaxation while enjoying reading or listening to music out somewhere

Results Achieved as of Contest Judging

- Circuit design, parts selection, survey concerning the scent(s):  Scents with academically-demonstrated results (partially established at this time)


-  A small, thin prototype for user evaluation


- New guidelines for improvement based on user feedback from the prototype: We plan to conduct testing followed by a survey of target users over a fixed interval. Then, we will conduct a principal component analysis to estimate the appropriate level for features and components, using the results in a final version of the gadget. 


Demo Video