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Title:All purpose Learning Remote Controlle

Displayed Name:carcon999

All purpose Learning Remote Controlle

Concept / Overview
This is the world’s first gadget allowing infrared code output to be governed by color. IR code is output by changing display color, which frees the user from writing complex source codes. Any device with a screen (such as smartphones or Pepper the robot) can be controlled by this super-duper universal remote control.

The idea behind the gadget & happy users

- The idea:
We created the infrared universal remote controls, but they are somewhat idiosyncratic. The value read by the color sensor acts as a trigger to output the infrared code. IN is for color; OUT is for infrared code. For example, hold the sensor up to a personal computer monitor, cell phone, tablet, or paper (using a clip or similar device to affix it). IR code can be transmitted through a simple change of color. There have been products that transmit IR code using WiFi, but there has never been a product which could accomplish that through color (according to my own survey). 
You can even control output without a 2.4GHz band, so the remote control can be used at events which do not have wireless capability. 
For example, even a software engineer who is not skilled at handling hardware can send remote code if he can create software changing the screen color of two linked computers. Even holding the sensor over colored paper allows one to send code, so this might be a fun pastime for young children.


- Happy Users
Software engineers interested in using infrared to control devices in various ways may enjoy this gadget. Those using Pepper the robot (though Pepper has no infrared) and others may also enjoy it.


The result

- Prototype

Prototype using GR-COTTON



- Final

Printed circuit board layout + 3D image



Demo Video


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