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Title:Osara - the magic cuisine plate

Displayed Name:Seasonal shiitake mushroom stoneware

Osara - the magic cuisine plate

Concept / Overview
“Osara” adjusts the color and design of the plate for ideal food display. The user’s smartphone controls the plate’s color and pattern, analyzing a photograph of the food to be displayed and recommending color settings to afford maximum mouthwatering appeal. Utilizing several “Osara” plates simultaneously on a table can produce a lovely multicolored arrangement.

The idea behind the gadget & happy users

The “Osara” plate utilizes shifting colors to make everyday food appear ever more delicious.


Dining is an essential daily activity for each of us.
Surveys show that the better the dining experience (the more delicious the meal and the better the dining atmosphere), the greater sense of happiness individuals possess.


The taste of the food (one component of the dining experience) can be enhanced by seasoning and aroma, but the color, design, and shape of the plate on which it is served are also said to be important.
However, it can be difficult to determine which plate will best set off the charms of a given food, and to begin with, one may not even have a suitable or favorite plate which can nicely showcase the cuisine at hand.


“Osara” analyzes a photograph of a food item and automatically changes color and design to set it off to perfection.


“Osara” is comprised of LEDs and lighting patterns in the plate itself, along with a smartphone application. The following steps show how “Osara” displays food to reflect its maximum appeal.

1.    Place your freshly-prepared food on “Osara” and use your application to photograph it.
2.    The app’s image processing function analyzes the type and coloration of the food item.
3.    The app’s analysis results point to color and design choices best reflecting the food.
4.    The plate’s internalized LEDs and lighting patterns change when information is transmitted from the app using BLE and WiFi signals.


Deep learning was used to analyze food type, and the selection of suitable colors and patterns was based on existing knowledge as shown here. Sophisticated judgment of color and pattern was achieved based on repeated experimentation with the prototype.


An example of food and plate matching based on previous knowledge and experience:

- Red plate: brings out the delicious features of green ingredients
- Green plate: showcases sashimi, various meat dishes, and vegetables
- Brown and green foods look delicious when accented with a bit of red lighting

The user can directly select colors and patterns using the app's customization function,creating unique plates.


"Osara" lets gourmet fans, be they cooks or diners, easily enhance cuisine at the dinner table.
Everyone from mother's making meals for the family everyday, single people cooking for themselves, even restaurant chefs will find "Osara" a fun and creative tool.



The result

The result:
A prototype “Osara” was made using LEDs (tape type) and a pattern, and field tests are being conducted referencing past experience and knowledge to determine how best to display food on the plate. Specifically, the gadget will conduct multiple field tests incorporating combinations and compare it to user feedback. This information will help “Osara” determine the appropriate color and pattern to display on the plate based on the food type, color, and quantity.

(Following the second screening)
The plate’s design was refined and the smartphone application, adjusted based on experimental results, was integrated into the device. Consideration was given to a design strongly reflecting changes in LED colors and patterns in order to harmonize the plate with the dining room table. Meanwhile, the application comprises three main components: the function that analyzes color, quantity, and cuisine type by processing data from the food photo, the function that selects the plate color and lighting pattern, and the function that sends the determined results to the plate (device) via BLE or WiFi signals. 

The gadget was improved further following input and feedback from users.  

In the final round of the competition, I would like to demonstrate the protocol for using “Osara,” and have website participants who try the plate confirm that it improved the appeal of their cuisine. After the finals, I plan to address issues such as waterproofing, enhancing durability, and recharging the gadget.



Demo Video

Seasonal shiitake mushroom stoneware