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Title:Skip Shoes

Displayed Name:ELIX

Skip Shoes

Concept / Overview
Simply walking in place allows you to stroll around a virtual world.
If you step up the pace, your virtual walk will similarly turn into a dash!
Using GR-COTTON along with an accelerometer and WiFi module, I created a “step controller” which doubles as a VR controller.

The Idea & Happy Users

Without realizing it, you’ll want to start skipping along with these “shoes” which produce sounds when you begin to walk.
An accelerometer helps produce the sound when your feet start to march.


This project debuted as shoes producing the sound of walking in a gymnasium, together with a table tennis racket that produced sound, at the Shockathon 2016, a tactile device hackathon, where it won prizes in 4 divisions, including the popular vote.


This time, I upped the drama factor, adapting the creation to GR-COTTON, while adding the sounds of huge creatures along with romantic footsteps.


The addition of a WiFi module and VR content turned the creation into a step controller promoting indoor exercise.


Happy users:
People desiring easy indoor exercise.

I believe that one reason the project won a prize at the GR DESIGN CONTEST in 2016 was that it clearly delighted children. 


Results Achieved as of Contest Judging

・    A gadget which attaches to shoes (accelerometer + pressure sensor)

・    Data transmission/reception using WiFi


・    Use as a WiFi step controller


Source code is here.



Demo Video