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Title:Bluetooth speaker for Baby-bed Mobiles

Displayed Name:Pizayanz

Bluetooth speaker for Baby-bed Mobiles

Concept / Overview
This is a typical baby crib mobile.
Such commercial items are little more than simple and repetitive musical products.
As expected, both baby and parents soon tired of ours, we so employed a Bluetooth speaker.
That enabled us to roll out our favorite music using iTunes.
Adding a graphic equalizer allowed us to express sounds using light.
And since we had GR-PEACH at our disposal, we added a camera and sensor and linked it to the Internet so that grandparents who live elsewhere could see their grandchild’s face at any time.

The Idea & Happy Users

This is a delight for both baby and parents.


Our baby was born this past February.


We ran ourselves ragged buying all kinds of baby items.
We looked at crib mobiles and found that many offer music, but most only feature electric music boxes.
The tunes are basically limited to Ghibli, Disney, or traditional children’s songs.
The repertoire was boring, and we soon tired of it.
Somehow, we even have Christmas music going in our living room, regardless of the time of year.
In this day and age of iTunes and Amazon Music, we thought we would really like to play a wide variety of music for the baby.
We searched the Internet for a mobile with a Bluetooth speaker but found none, so I decided to try and make one.
I decided not only to have the mobile shower the baby with music, but to make each arm light up in full-color LEDs like a graphic equalizer.
I was determined to let the music and light unite in a rhythm to entertain the newborn.


Demo Video


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