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Title:Pochi – Our Family Dog

Displayed Name:Research King

Pochi – Our Family Dog

Concept / Overview
Pochi serves as the family watchdog.
If he senses anything wrong, he uses the cloud server to inform his owner.
He can be ordered to patrol the home interior by remote control.
He can be controlled remotely via IoT, along with other household electronics.
When off duty, Pochi charms his owner by singing, dancing, and chatting.
Pochi (robot dog development code) works hard to fulfill his dream of becoming a member of the family.

The Idea & Happy Users

Pochi is an irresistible robot dog.   
He sings, dances, and chatters all by himself.
Just watching him is surely soothing to one and all.
Pochi the robot dog was designed to guard the home and help the family relax.

Happy users include:
Everyone in the immediate family -- Family members located elsewhere (sweethearts, grandparents, dads on temporary assignments elsewhere…)


Pochi has 3 built-in modes:

(1)  Beloved pet mode  (autonomous behavior)
Endearing behavior (autonomous and ongoing mode) -- Pochi’s external sensors provide constant awareness of surrounding conditions as he conducts himself autonomously. If left alone, he will patrol the house, while singing, dancing, and chatting on his own.

(2)  Watchdog mode (surveillance; remote-control mode)
Pochi can be controlled using a smartphone from a remote location. Linking Pochi to monitors set in the home, owners may enjoy remote surveillance as Pochi fulfills his function as a watchdog. The owners can feel comfortable about leaving their home for several days, knowing that Pochi is there to serve them!

(3)  Communication mode (watchdog + beloved pet mix)
Using the watchdog mode, Pochi can be used as a communication tool with those living away from home.


Demo Video

Research King

GR Design Contest 2016 Finalist