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Title:Play a stringed instrument using your eyes!

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Play a stringed instrument using your eyes!

Concept / Overview
Many people would love to learn how to play a stringed instrument, but falter the moment they attempt bowing—the act of producing sound using a bow. This gadget turns a problem into an opportunity. “Bowing Vision” uses a sensor and IT to achieve the four goals of seeing, understanding, realizing, and improving the act of bowing.

The Idea & Happy Users!

Beginners experience their first misery the moment they first begin bowing. It is almost impossible to draw the bow steadily and straight across a string to produce an even sound right off the bat. 

The teacher coaches the student to ease up on the pressure and use the natural weight of the arm to move the bow straight across. The student tries to comply, and has no idea why it doesn’t seem to work. The hurdle is high for a beginner to overcome, even when using a mirror.

Recording a practice session using the movement of one’s arm helps clarify what is happening.

Affix an accelerometer to the right hand and use the MCU (the gadget’s main unit) to record the session, allowing acceleration to chart the speed and movement of the bow for analysis as one plays along with accompaniment provided by a smartphone.
Analysis easily reveals the moment the sound becomes screechy, or whether the speed suddenly changes when the bow switches from an upward to a downward sweep.

It also helps the teacher who has exhausted every means of trying to explain what went wrong to show the student the precise moment where a correction needs to be made, be it a scratchy sound or a sudden downward movement of the arm.

Happy Users:
This is ideal for any adult or child music lover who has recently taken up a stringed instrument. It should also be welcomed by hard-working music teachers struggling to tutor those beginners.




Results Achieved as of Contest Judging

- Link the accelerometer on one’s hand to the MCU attached to one’s body to acquire acceleration data.

- Set up a cloud server and upload both the acceleration and the performance data.

- Recreate the arm movements from the acceleration data.

- Display the recreated movements on a smartphone. (This demonstration uses an ipad application.)

- Link the arm movements and performance (playing back the performance data in sync with the specified movements).

- Compare/contrast two sets of movements (student and teacher, for example).


Demo Video


Prototype Video



Bowing Vision
Actionable Insight to improve your bowing
Visible approach to string playing analyze bowing with small sensors and report on score
Sharpen awareness of arm dynamics
visually understand how you move the bow and get right motion of bowing arm

First Four Notes

Our mission
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