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Concept / Overview
Problem Statement: Every farm needs a close attention by its owner, right from the day one, involving action plans in terms of “what to plant for this season?”, “how much space required for the plantation?”, “Is my farm fertile enough for the expected yield?”, “Is greenhouse sowing required?” and so forth... till a day with a fruit of harvest in hand. A careful study of farming processes along with corrective measures in every stage improves the yield rate of plantation. A corrective action falls anywhere between removal of weeds, check on sufficient watering, implementing pest control to a plant disease treatment, intruder identification, etc. Of course, these tiresome processes demand relatively long human hours in a remote farm site and, crafting such working time space is really a question of the hour to every individual involved in farming in upcoming days.

Solution: My primary goal is to design a system which can take care of a farm activity with its own near human abilities and can update the farm owner with the “status” of the farm or “action plan” as, and when required. This kind of intelligent semi-autonomous assistance overrides the demands for longer human hours at a remote farm site. My system prototype named “SMART FARM KEEPER (SFK)” incorporates a battery powered processing unit (GR-LYCHEE board with inbuilt wifi) mounted over a four wheeled motor chassis coupled with a vision and location tracking abilities, capable of moving around the farm semi-autonomously makes it a perfect fit with the “problem statement” above.







GR LYCHEE Design Contest 2018 in India, Finalist