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Title:Bio Security

Displayed Name:Bio Security

Bio Security

Concept / Overview
Smart security and associate tracking system

Industrial security is becoming necessary nowadays as the possibilities of intrusion are increasing day by day. Lot of Security companies are available towards preventing tailgate, from getting vandalized or so. But still there is no much guarantee that the highly restricted and secured area be safe. Lot of research been carried out employing sensors like PIR, Sensor Camera, GSM towards detecting the intruder at restricted area. But the drawback in all these systems is that they are all expensive to be deployed integrated with LCD panel or Camera. Again, with PIR sensor or Ultrasonic Sensor integrated with GSM, there is good possibility of false intruder detection based on line of sight cut by any entity and not necessarily an intruder. Currently most of the Industries in India still rely on security service personnel and no smart security system been employed so far. Moreover, it’s been hard to differentiate the employee of the organization and the intruder. So, taking the above-mentioned aspects into consideration, we here have developed an economical and affordable smart security and associate tracking system using GKRD Board. The built-in camera in the board will track all the associates of the organization and will create a dataset of the same. Using Image processing, only when the associate enters the office, it will release the door for entry and meanwhile, will automatically provide attendance for the associate and tracks the total working time of the associate. This reduces the human effort to put Timesheet entry and prevents false data entry. Based on the in-time and out-time of the associate, the salary of the individual would be determined. If any associate wants to meet them personally, based on the associate presence inside the ODC, it will intimate the peers about their presence and only on the confirmation of the associate, the door will open for the peer. If any new joiner wants to enter the ODC, smart device would shoot out questions through the speaker and the joiner has to respond to the device. The device would recognize the response via the mike and sends the data and the picture of the new joiner to the higher officials. Only if the higher officials acknowledge the person, the door will open. The higher officials of the organization would be informed about any intruder by sending a text message by using of GSM module and will provide an alert through speaker.

1. The highly secured and restricted area would be safeguarded without including much human effort.
2. Automatic attendance tracker for the associates and avoids the fault data entry.
3. Based on the total working hour of the associate, the salary would be generated and maintains a discipline of the organization.
4. Reduces associates, unwanted movement by letting them knowing about the peers presence inside the ODC.






Bio Security

GR LYCHEE Design Contest 2018 in India, Finalist