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Title:Automatic Pet Management System

Displayed Name:Electra

Automatic Pet Management System

Concept / Overview
What if you have to travel for a few days with family and your pet is alone at home?. This automatic pet management system works in automatic and manual mode and you can monitor and control the system from your phone through IoT. This system feeds your pet and tracks the eating intervals. You can also give your own preset voice commands to the pet.In this project the camera is used to check whether the feeding plate is empty or not.


The Automatic Pet Management system helps one in taking care of feeding his/her pet(s), when away from home. Enabled with provisions & playback to record the owners command with this system one does not have to worry incase that the pet eats on the voice command. The system works in automatic and manual mode. In manual mode you can monitor your pets status and check whether the feeding plate is empty or not, then you can feed your pet or give commands to the pet through the mobile application. The Bluetooth beacon placed on the pet collar tracks the feeding intervals of your pet.

To getting started using the Automatic Pet Management system, you need to configure it and can be very easily configured. First you need to configure the WiFi connection it can be achieved by pressing a button and send the connection credentials in the specific format using a BLE gatt application from your smart phone Then record your voice by simply press and hold the record button.

This system works in automatic and manual modes. In both modes live streaming and live notifications are available. Using the live streaming facility you can watch your pet and can check the plate manually in case you are feeding the pet in manual mode. In manual mode you can feed your pet from anywhere in the world at any time by simply logon to the pet management control panel. For this you need a working internet connection with WiFi facility. In case of failure of internet connection, the device will automatically switch to auto mode. In automatic mode the system will feed your pet in preset time intervals. In auto mode the system also monitors pet's position and checks whether the plate is empty or not. The pets’ position is tracked using the Bluetooth beacon module and the plate is checked using computer vision. When the pet is away from the feeder after deploying food the system will play the recorded voice instructions. If the pet is not responding to the food the system will play the instructions a few more times. If the pet is still not responding to the food the owner will be notified. The system also monitors the main food container and notifies the owner when the supply is low. It will also notify the owner after every feed.

This system consist of GR Lychee board, camera, SD card, BLE beacon, mic, speaker, L298 motor driver, DC gear motor, DS3231 RTC, PAM8403 stereo amplifier and 12V DC power supply.






GR LYCHEE Design Contest 2018 in India, Finalist