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Concept / Overview
Busy couples wrapped up in work or study tend to misunderstand one another due to a lack communication, eventually losing the happy relationship they once had. New lovers often turn their feelings of loneliness into anger toward their partner. Confrontation by a lover while you yourself are so busy can add an every heavier burden. Soon this mutual aggravation will lead to a serious crack in the relationship, and eventually catastrophe.

"LONELY BEAR" is a totally new communication tool that induces communication between busy lovers by conveying such loneliness conveyed gently to a stuffed bear.


"LONELY BEAR" is made of two pairs of bear stuffed toy devices. Usage is as follows.

First, when a boyfriend or girlfriend seems to be busy, and one member of the couple gets lonely, the lonely person hugs a his or her bear. Then, the partner's bear glows slightly and starts to sway, asking for someone to love him or her.

The recipent of the lonely messages pets their own stuffed bear hugs it. Then the bear on the lonely side let's out a happy "yatta" yelp, lighting up in colorful LEDs, showing that somone cares. At this time, you can let your partner now how you have been doing through the manner in which you take care of your bear. You can communicate things like "I was is busy today" or "Let's call each other later."

If you mail or send a message directly on LINE to your partner, expressing your lonely feelings, you might end up burdening the other party. By using "LONELY BEAR", the cute bear gently communicates your loneliness.  This will help balance the compassion between the two of you and lead to a more stable, loving relationship, with less loneliness for both of you.


Demo video



This prototyping was carried out with GR-PEACH and ESP 8266.

Various sensors positioned in the stuffed bear are connected to GR-PEACH.  Three expressions of affection - hugging, patting, and holding hands - can be prompted via the sensors placed in the bottom and in both hands of the bear, as well as the infrared sensor placed in its head.  When the stuffed bear detects these expressions of love, the ESP module communicates these expressions to your loved one's bear via the server set up with Node.js. This triggers the bear on the other end to put out a lonely cry. Caring for your stuffed bear by "hugging" "petting" or "holding hands", both bears will let our a cry of joy, both of you will realize your a there for each other and every one is happy.


Team HSL

GR Design Contest 2017 finalist