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Title:Customizable Watch Platform

Displayed Name:MAENOH!

Customizable Watch Platform

Concept / Overview
We created a platform for a wristwatch device with easily customized functions to support family life, health care, nursing care workplace etc., according to the needs of each person. Remote control reception makes setup easy, while the remote control transmitter function enables control of robots and home appliances. In addition, users can customize various functions with a useful range of attachable sensors such as acceleration sensors.


We propose adapter-type wristwatch devices with easily expanded functions necessary for family life, health care, nursing care workplace etc. according to the needs of each person. These devices take the place of smartphones as remote controllers, particularly helpful in work and living situations where both hands are busy with other tasks .

Prototype system outline:

The watch consists of LCDs and various sensors based on GR-COTTON. We imagine this gadget offering a wide range of functions such as displaying sensor information, logging data, handling various infrared-based tasks and communication, as well schedule management using the alarm clock.



Demo video


Souce codes


GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist