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Title:IppinNet of Tougei System (IoT Ceramic System)

Displayed Name:Team IoT

IppinNet of Tougei System (IoT Ceramic System)

Concept / Overview
We made an "Ippin camera" using GR-CITRUS + WA-MIKAN + camera module.

When people make something using a Gadget Renesas board, they most likely create just one item. There is no concept to make many of the same. However, "making a large number of things" becomes very important in the end. Here, we proposed a system to reproduce lots of the same thing.

Goal & Concept
Make lots of the same thing!

Implementation method
We devised a system that can make a lot of the same thing using the GR board.


When making something, we most likely create just one thing. There is no concept to make a lot at one time. However, in the end, making a lot is the key to success. 

- Idea details
A mold to reproduce many of the same item -- a soy sauce plate 

- What does the soy sauce plate look like?
When soy sauce is poured into the plate, a picture emerges.

- How to make it?
Make a mold with a 3D printer, die-cut the clay using that mold, burn it and produce many plates with it.

- How to make it?
 Use a 3D printer to make the mold. Form the clay using the mold. Fire the molded clay plates in an oven, producing many soy sauce dishes.

- How to make the mold data?
Output STL file with GR-board.

- Which picture are used for the floating picture?
 Pictures taken with the GR board.

- How do you make a picture float in the plate?
Convert the photo image to a gray scale image. Then, the dark and thin parts of the image turn to the deep and shallow STL data, respectively, generated in  the board.

- How do you output STL data?
Build an http server in the connected WiFi board. The STL data in the server can be downloaded via the net.

* "Ippin" means a special creation, so we call this "Ippin Net," because the STL data is downloadable via the net, rather like downloading one special dish! 


Demo video



(1) Build the Ippin Camera
- We made the Ippin camera using GR-CITRUS + WA-MIKAN + camera module.
- We succeeded in converting the Ippin camera to WiFi AP, enabling operation of the system via a browser.
- We gave up transfering data captured by camera via WiFi since it takes a very long time.
- We installed the STL data generation function in the Ippin camera.
- However, since it takes time to generate the STL data with the Ippin camera, we made it possible to create STL data mainly using the PC.


(2) PC software development
     - We developed software that creates  stamp data from the STL formatted image data.



(3) Mold design
 - Design the mold for a soy sauce plate and print the mold using a 3D printer
 - Design a frame for the stamp and print the combined mold of the frame and the stamp with the 3D printer.


(4) Design production process and operation
 - We established the production process for a floating image plate (refer to the YouTube video for actual production)
 - We succeeded in manufacturing lots of plates with a single mold
 - Plate production is completed by firing the plates in an oven


Team IoT

GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist