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Title:Shabegurumi (Talking Stuffed Bear)

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Shabegurumi  (Talking Stuffed Bear)

Concept / Overview
A stuffed animal is one of the children's favorite toys.

Shaberugurumi is a hi-tech stuffed animal bear connected to the Internet. He wears soft conductive clothes and speaks to any person who touches his clothes. He watches over the children and helps the owner never miss a shutter opportunity. He is a strong ally of parents and the best friend of a child.


"Shabegurumi" is a touch device to be worn by a stuffed doll.  Shabegurumi is made of conductive fibers, so it keeps the gentle touch of the stuffed doll, while transforming the doll into an interactive digital gadget.

Shabegurumi detects the touch position via the clothes so that the doll can respond with various reactions depending on how it is touched.

Shabegurumi is an interface in the form of clothing, so you can put it on your child's favorite stuffed toy and watch their face light up with joy.
"Haptic" for children! That is "Shabegurumi".



Demo video


System configuration and source code


GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist