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Title:Kampai Share

Displayed Name:NoraHack Team

Kampai Share

Concept / Overview
With the power of IoT we share the fun of drinking parties and the moment of Kanpai (Making a toast or saying, "Cheers!")

About Idea

Challenge: Your wallet is almost empty. Friends, family, and colleagues can not come to your place. You have no one to drink with.
Solution: The IoT device atatched to the bottom of the beer mug detects shaking/vibration of Kanpai and mug's 90 degree tilt when drinking and sends the pre-stored messages to the linked party.

Features of Kampai Share
1. Visually share the moment of a cheerful Kanpai
2. Variety of light expressions
3. Spread the cheerful Kanpai moment over the cloud

Make people happy with the Kanpai Revolution!



Demo video


Source and Description

The system configuration is as follows. 

The GR-COTTON on the bottom of the glass is connected to the acceleration sensor, Wi-Fi module, and LED ring.  GR-COTTON detects the toast/kampai vibration with the acceleration sensor and then transmits this action message to the other glass (the other end node) via the Milkcocoa cloud service. 





・Detecting tilt and acceleration of the glass, turning on ring LED 

・Transmitting tilt/acceleration data to MilkCocoa (MQTT broker)  


Reference sites:

・Develop an acceleration controller that can receive Wi-Fi with Unity

・LED-Blinking (LED bar) /gr-cotton-led

・LED-blinking with infrared remote control

・How to connect with ESP 8266


Source code: 



Pictures of the work



NoraHack Team

GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist