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Concept / Overview
GuitaRemo is a device that operates equipment with an infrared remote controller by playing a guitar with certain phrases, making daily guitar practice more fun. We developed a prototype using GR-PEACH.

Challenges and Ideas

Some people want to be able to play the guitar.  So they buy a guiter with good intentions, but often have no time to play it. Or some people feel that practicing the fundamentals is boring and they just want to be able to play their favorite songs. Or they are just too tired to practice when they get home from work. Many people given up playing the guitar for such reasons.

If you want to be able to play the guitar, it is important to play it a little bit every day. Everyone can agree with this.  But when you come home at night, turn the TV on and relax, before you know it, it's time to sleep.  If you don't have a strong will and perserverance, its hard to make yourself pick up the guitar and practice.

All you need to do is just to pick up the guitar.  You already have a desire to play it.  As long as picking up the guitar, for whatever reason, I am sure you play it. 

GuitaRemo is the motivation to pick up the guitar!

"GuitaRemo" is a device for operating various home appliances using an electric guitar. By playing phrases stored in advance, you will be able to operate home appliances. Of course it is also possible to change the phrases once you get used playing. Please register more phrases according to your level as you improve.

If you don't have a guitar, no problem! GuitarRemo also supports electric pianos! Just connect the instrument and play!

When you play the guitar, you can turn on the air conditioner, change the TV channel, and much more. It works like magic and is so fun.  GuitarRemo might get your kids playing the guitar, too.

So your lovely guitar has bascially become and a decorative item? Why not pick it up once more and make your original intentions come true?! 


Demo video


Explanation and Sources

GR-PEACH performs frequency analysis of the signal input from the guitar and performs pattern matching with registered guitar phrases. And GR-PEACH transmits infrared signals using an infrared LED,  also receives and learns infrared codes of IR-remote devices using infrared reception module.

The case storing GR-PEACH and circuits is composed of plastic crafted with 3D printer and the wood pannel was cut using a laser cutter.  On the top wood cover, the original "GuitaRemo" logo was also created with a craft laser. Since the main purpose of this work is to incorporate musical instrument practice in your everyday life, I aimed for a design that looks good with your interior decorating style.

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Team HSL

GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist