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Title:Paint Color Selector -- EnoPick

Displayed Name:team.tnk

Paint Color Selector -- EnoPick

Concept / Overview
The EnoPick ("eno" indicates paints in Japanese) a device that automates mixing paints by using GR-PEACH.
I decided to develop this device for painters of all ages, from children to adults, not just to enjoy painting but also to enjoy mixing paints.

About this idea

Equipment to automate mixing color paints
(1) Specify the color and amount needed
(2) Automatically generate paint combination
(3) Put the combined paint onto a pallet


[Problems to solve]
People who are not good at mixing paints can enjoy painting with their favorite color...
(1) It's difficult to create the desired color by mixing paints.
(2) Time spent drawing or in art class can be stressful.
If this describes your situation, then start enjoying painting by making your favorite colors with Enopick!

How to specify the desired color.
  (1) Read the color you want using the color sensor on things or pictures.
  (2) Select a color from a color picker or template.
Specify the desired amount.
  (1) Set the amount with the operation switch
Mixture of paints
  (1) MCU-based device automatically picks syringes containing the necessary colors for the mixture.
Extraction of the paint
① Mechanism pushes paint from the syringes into the container


Demo video




[Attached files]
Enopick_src (source code)
Enopick_design.fbx (design 3D data)
Enopick_fusion360.f3d (Fusion360 3D data)
Enopick_sch.pdf (circuit diagram*)
Enopick_sch.fzz (fritzing data*)
Enopick_info.txt (this data)

* The color sensor on the circuit diagram is Adafruit's I2C RGB sensor, but the device used in the system is Rohm's BH1745.



GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist

Innovation Award Winner