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Displayed Name:Team HSL


Concept / Overview
Do you take good care of the bag you carry around everyday?
A bag or briefcase is indispensable for carrying your things during the commute to and from your office or school, yet we often treat it sloppily.
Since we use our bags everyday, and we really should show it more respect and tender loving care. However, in modern times with the abundance of things in our lives, we tend to forget to show affection for the items that serve us well each day.

So, what we propose is a bag that will encourage you to show your affection while making you happy to carry it around all day. The name of the bag is "Caban-chan"! ("Caban" indicates "bag" in Japanese)

Functional explanatoin

Caban-chan has the following functions.

(1) Greetings:
In the morning, when you lift the bag, it senses the lifting motion with the acceleration sensor and greets you and screams when it is put down sloppily, generally giving off the impression that it is alive.  In this way, you, as the bag's owner, will be be more attentive and show a bit of tender loving care to your bag! .

(2) Notifications:
If you wake up late and miss the weather forecast, no problem. The bag will tell you about it. Also, if you link your schedule with the bag, the bag will tell you today's schedule when you lift it up in the morning.

(3) Forgetful Detector :
Do  you often find yourself saying, "Oops! I forgot my umbrella somewhere!"?  Caban-chan records the weight of the bag when you leave the house using a pressure sensor in the shoulder pad. And when the contents of the bag becomes lighter, it lets you know that you might have left something somewhere.

We aimed to make each bag convenient and cute, something any owners would naturally take good care of!


Demo video


Commentary and source code

Caban-chan uses the GR-PEACH inside the black backpack as a computing engine.


The Caban-chan system consists of an acceleration sensor embedded inside the backpack, an infrared sensor at the bottom of the backpack, an infrared sensor at the back contact area, and a pressure sensor set in the sholder strap. The ESP8266, also a part of the system, perfoms TCP communication with the AWS server to acquire current time and weather information. Furthermore, using voice synthesis MCU ATP3011F 4-PU, the system can output stored phrases from the speaker.

The bag posture us determined based on the angle calculated by the acceleration sensor and the values of the two infrared sensors (4 postures: set down vertically, set down horizontally face down, set down horizontally face up, being lifted/carried). The bag says various phrases depending on the changes in its posture. The bag also detects a missing item based on weight using the pressure sensor on the shoulder strap.  When the bag is lifted up, Caban-chan senses changes in total weight and determines whether the user left a item behind somewhere.  When the pressure sensor senses the weight of the bag is significanly lower, the bag tells the owner that something may have been left behind.




Team HSL

GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist