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Concept / Overview
We developed this device based on the logic that, if we could develop an elderly monitoring system offering features such as monitoring location, calling, and recording room entry/exit date/time of a target person, we could reduce the risk of human error and lessen the burden of nursing staff, while enhancing the safety and peace of mind of the care receiver.
In addition, if the monitored target moves out of the Receiver monitoring range, the system would enable the user to switch the Receiver from monitoring mode to search mode and search for the target person via a BLE Beacon.

Idea and background

As many as 80,000 missing notifications are filed annually in Japan. Among them, over 15,000 cases involove people with dementia. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced that the number of dementia patients in Japan is on the rise, so there is no doubt that the number of missing people among those with dementia will increase.

Such an increase in patients with dementia is only serve to  further increase the burden  on the nursing care workplace which already suffers from chronic lack of human resources. Because dementia patients must be watched at all times, caregivers are burdened both mentally and physically.

This idea is to solve these two problems.
· Reduce the number of missing people with dementia
· Reduce the burden on caregiving nursing staff



Demo video


Materials and sources

① 201171029 2nd Gadget Renesas Welcome Contest BLT beacon.pdf



This device may be seem low key in terms of technology and content. But we believe that this system is beneficially simple; so if you narrow down the methods and place of use, the idea itself will broaden the scope.

The RN 4020 module purchased in Akizuki Electronics made it so simple and easy for us to build the system. Therefore the hardware configuration is also very basic. It is almost nothing more than GR-PEACH itself. We also made our own Map application with Unity. The Map app uses a tile arrangement method and communicates with GR-PEACH via UDP. By using Ethernet, we avoid the radio band related troubles and obtain a stable communication environment



For the software configration, we changed the setting of each receiver unit in idef.f in TCP\IP folder, then compiled/flashed them all. Ultimately, we plan to have the configuration file in the SD card.
Most system operations are located in file modeCtr.cpp, divided intomodular sequnce codes to avoid complicated operations.

 Photo image sample 


These sample images were taken by the camera-ready Receiver. Each image size is purposely small, as the photos were shot in continuous format.

Research King Aoba

GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist