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Title:School Commute Rally

Displayed Name:Nya nya

School Commute Rally

Concept / Overview
Elementary school students pass various check points throughout town on their way to school, so that they can enjoy the commute as a fun rally.

Behind the idea

The popular security buzzer used by kids when commuting to school is nothing more than a beeping toy, and is doesn't provide real security.

By carrying the School Commute Rally gadget to school, children can enjoy commuting as a rally by passing checkpoints along the way to and from school.

Since we use a 920mhz band module for communication, we don't need to pay any service fee like 3G long distance communications. Or, we could use an inexpensive communication services like "Soracom."
The gadget comes with a crime prevention buzzer, but more importancly, it notifies parents and school by radio even when a child is in danger.


Demo video


Commentary, Source

I made a mechanism to monitor kids' safety when commuting to school.

According to the NHK survey, most of the crime prevention buzzers are not useful.
When most kids faced a scary situation,  they just ran away, trying to escape any danger.

On the other hand, about 20% of the kids could not do anything, they just stood there, bascially frozen.
These children are in the most dangerous situation.

The School Commute Rally mechanism protects the safety of these children.
Their departure from home/school triggers the start; their arrival at the respective destination ends the rally.

After the start is triggered by the departure, the gadget starts counting down the timer.  When the child carrying the gadget passes through the check points within the pre-determined time periods, his/her safety is confirmed.

If the kid carrying the gadget could not pass the point in time, the unit sends a danger signal to home and school.
In this way, any danger will be exposed quickly even when a kidnapping or crime occurs, a warning will be issued regardless of the child's ablility to push the buzzer button. This system can greatly help prevent crimes against children.

Gadget functions:
Currently, the demo system notifies departure, passing through check points, and arrival by wireless transmission, lights and messaging.
When the child is faced with danger, the unit sends a message to home and school.

rallyRHOM: Radio receiver


schoolrallydenkyu2: Lighting


Raspberry Pi

sw_rally9: Raspberry Pi block


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Nya nya

GR Design Contest Japan 2017 Finalist