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Title:Tidy Teacher Robot

Displayed Name:Tomomi Kitamura

Tidy Teacher Robot

Concept / Overview
The second in the series of solving family problems


Issue: Parents teaching young children good habits
Kids play video games even though they have not tidied up their area

· They always say "I tidied up already!".
· Definition of "tidying up" is ambiguous.

· GR-PEACH captures video of living room where children are active
· Compares tidy state data with the current image taken by the camera; "Low similarity ratio" indicates "it is not tidied up yet"
· Robots speaks with a gentle voice, "Watch TV is after tiding up, kids!"
· GR-PEACH turns off the TV via infrared control.

We made a robot that solves the problem of kids watching TV without tidying up their room.
We call it "Kireisky" (meaning "love tidiness!" in Japanese). It encourages children to tidy up their toys in their play or study area.
Using GR-PEACH and a camera shield, we let PEACH remember the clean state of the desk. When the desktop gets messy, PEACH turns off the TV by controlling the TV power supply. After the desk is tidied up, PEACH automatically turns the TV back on.
LEDs on the heads of three "Kireisky" dolls indicate how clean the desktop is (green: beautiful, yellow: warning, red: messy (TV power off). Children can easily understand the criteria for each tidiness level.

Covering: Have the children create the coverings of the Kireisky dolls to familiarity with the system.


Demo video


Image processing, source

Required parts:
GR-PEACH, camera shield, camera
Red LED (with resistor),
Yellow LED
Green LED
Solid State Relay (SSR) 8A Type (800 yen)
(Akizuki Electronics)
Power cord
Flat connector
Fuse tube

Image processing:

Using OpenCV, use the initial image (tidy state) as the initial value for comparison.
Make the comparison image binary (black and white) and count only white pixels



北村 智美 Tomomi Kitamura

GR Design Contest Japan 2017 Finalist