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Title:Home use large screen touch board

Displayed Name:TKTK360

Concept / Overview
Large screen touch board with low-cost 2D-space recognition

Content of the idea (task, solution method)

Large screen touch devices are very expensive items.
I thought if we could reuse LCD TVs or projectors in our own home as non-touch monitors control application programs on your PC, it would bring new IT applictions we never imagined before.

To enable such a low-cost, large screen touch-board system, I built a pen-device with GR-COTTON and a BT-module, which works with an infra-red camera and my original application program running on the PC. This pen device enables the user to control the PC application from the non-touch monitor. 

First of all, after placing the infrared camera, make sure the infra-red camera is properly recognizing the area of the screen you want to operate.

Next, click the four corners of the screen with the pen in order for the system to learn the display area.
After that, you can operate any PC-apps with the pen just like using a mouse.

The input pen uses GR-Cotton, LED (IR) and tact switch, and BlueTooth module.


Demo Video


Source code


GR Design Contest 2017 Finalist