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Title:Smart Rationing System

Displayed Name:Impact TechnoLabz, Cochin

Smart Rationing System

Concept / Overview
Here we propose an Automatic public distribution system using Smart Card technique to prevent the ration forgery as there are chances that the shopkeeper may sell the material to someone else and take the profit and put some false amount in their records. Also this system can deliver specified quantity for concerned person.


In this system, a Smart Card is used, that carries the Account information about the Family or Customer.

The device will check for the user authentication by their smart card.

If the user is found authentic, then the account details and quantity of ration to be given to the customer according to the total number of family members will be displayed on LCD.

Then the user can enter the item and its required quantity by an keypad.

A measuring system (Load cell or Flow meter) is connected with the device measure exact quantity as per the user information and dispatch the item.
In this system, the information about the delivered ration will be send directly to the server without manual feeding.





Block Diagram


My Ration Mobile App

Here we have developed an android application for the user where he/she can track the details of their account from anywhere at any time. The application contains the information about the user and also their monthly quota of items and account balance.
This application is developed using Android Studio.






User database is developed in MySQL and accessed with the help of PHP.
Php Code:
$db_name = "Dump20160525";
$mysql_username = "itladmin2015";
$mysql_password = "ITL#oct2015";
$server_name = "localhost:3306";
$user_status = $_GET["status"];
$user_id = $_GET["userid"];
$user_balance = $_GET["balance"];
$user_rice = $_GET["rice"];
$user_oil = $_GET["oil"];


$link = mysql_connect('localhost:3306', 'itladmin2015', 'ITL#oct2015');
if (!$link) {
die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
mysql_query( " UPDATE `smart_ration_db` SET `rice`= '$user_rice' WHERE `user_id` LIKE '$user_id'",$link);
mysql_query( " UPDATE `smart_ration_db` SET `oil`= '$user_oil' WHERE `user_id` LIKE '$user_id'",$link);
mysql_query( " UPDATE `smart_ration_db` SET `balance`= '$user_balance' WHERE `user_id` LIKE '$user_id'",$link);
else {
$result = mysql_query( "SELECT * FROM `smart_ration_db` WHERE `user_id` LIKE '$user_id'", $link);
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC);
$user_name = mysql_result($result,0,"name");
$user_rice = mysql_result($result,0,"rice");
$user_oil = mysql_result($result,0,"oil");
$user_balance = mysql_result($result,0,"balance");
$r_cost = mysql_result($result,0,"r_cost");
$o_cost = mysql_result($result,0,"o_cost");
echo "@$user_name,$user_balance,$user_rice,$user_oil,$r_cost,$o_cost,*";
echo "@invalid,*";


My SQL Database



Circuit Diagram


Source Code



The proposed system creates the transparency in public distribution system as the work becomes automatic.

This system can rectify the ration forgery and avoid unwanted delay for manual feeding about the customer information and dispatched details in the register.


Demo Video

Impact TechnoLabz, Cochin

Lucky winner for timely submission & technical merit